Mother’s Day – The perfect opportunity for some extra stereotyping!!

This past weekend, I was perusing through the card section for Mother’s Day and settled on one that I found somewhat comical and entertaining. It was made up of a poem about things that mothers do. I like to buy these cards and embellish upon their little scenarios to personalize it for my own mother. Anyway, the poem went a little something like this…

Some moms like to cook and try new recipes,

Others like to order take out and watch DVD’s.

Some moms like to go to a spa or trendy club,

Others like to drink some win in the tub.

Some moms like to buy shoes from Paris or Milan,

Others wear whatever they can slip on.

Some moms like to email, blog, or twitter,

Others like to get away and hire a babysitter.

Some moms like to multitask, because there’s so much to do,

Some moms are spectacular, which brings us back to you!

Of course, every line was illustrated with a cartoon bear/dog mom (can’t be sure), doing these activities. As I was adding my personalized notations, I started paying attention to what I was reading and found myself so irritated. I consider myself to be a fairly educated and aware person when it comes to gender stereotypes in society. However, there I was, caught in the Great Mother’s Day Hallmark Trap! This trap confines mothers to activities such as drinking wine, shopping, and cooking. Oh, I can’t forget the multitasking mom, who can do laundry, vacuum, and talk on the phone at the same time! (Yes, this is what the bear/dog mom was doing).

I will not argue against or devalue any of these activities, or that moms may do them. However, I will not condone confining moms to boxes where they engage in these activities only. I can’t speak for everyone but my mother is a strong, independent woman who worked full time while raising three kids (very well, I might add) on her own. She fixes things in the house when they are broken, watches ESPN more than any man I know, goes to Home Depot on a shockingly regular basis, AND drinks beer. Gasp! Where is the card for a mom like mine?

If I had a choice, the poem would go more like this…

Some moms like to cook and try new recipes,

Others like to order take out and watch DVD’s.

Some moms like wine and spas,

Others think that’s a faux pas.

Some moms like sports and beer,

Others like shopping for shorts or camping gear.

Some moms like to multitask, because there’s never enough time,

Other moms pass and let their kids take on the bathroom grime.

Cleaning, cooking, sports or books,

Painting, dining, wine or fish hooks,

No matter what they like to do,

Moms are hard-working, loving, and dynamic,

Sounds a lot like you!

Forgive me-I never claimed to be a poet. But you get the idea.

Father’s Day is right around the corner. I challenge you to avoid getting tricked by the Great Father’s Day Hallmark Trap! Be aware and pay attention to the stereotypes and boxes that fathers will inevitably be placed in come June 17th. If I had to go out on a limb, I would guess a lot of sports, fishing, and tools! Because that’s all men could possibly be interested in.. Right?