Rihanna – ‘Man Down’

After a very public episode between Rihanna and Chris Brown, the mass media seemed to take notice of a common yet, hidden issue – intimate partner violence. Both stars were continually in the lime light discussing the relationship, what happened, and how they were healing/dealing. Each artist has released songs and continues to speak publicly about the abuse (even if they don’t want to).

The latest in this ongoing saga, is Rihanna’s latest release “Man Down”. The song, and corresponding video, graphically tells the story of a sexually abused woman. Since Rihanna is often looked to as one of the leading public voices on intimate partner violence, I’m very curious to see what kind of dialogue is generated due to release of  “Man Down”. If it is anything like the buzz created by “Love the Way you Lie” by Eminem featuring Rihanna, I’m sure we’re in for an interesting avalanche of critiques. But there’s no need to wait for others to comment, the video is below. What are your thoughts?

Edit (6/6/11): Commentary – Crunk Feminist Collective, New York Times, and Ms. Magazine


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