Nicolas Cage Arrested for Domestic Battery

A few weeks ago, yet another celebrity was arrested and charged with domestic battery. Actor Nicolas Cage was arrested in New Orleans after getting into an argument with his wife over which vacation home was theirs. When Cage disagreed, he yelled at wife, Alice Kim, and then grabbed her by the upper arm and pulled her in front of another house. He became more belligerent, smashing parked cars and attempting to leave in a cab. When police arrived, Cage continually challenged them by screaming to arrest him already. Soon after, he was arrested on several charges including domestic battery. Cage was later bailed out by Duane Chapman, aka Dog the Bounty Hunter.

This raises several interesting points about how Cage’s behavior and subsequent arrests were reported. Perhaps we’re overly sensitive to the topic/issue, but it seemed that the media portrayed his alcoholism  as the root of the issue rather than the abusive and controlling behaviors he exhibited towards his wife. Cage has a history of issues related to alcoholism as well as propensity to becoming violent 0r aggressive. Media outlets presented the incident more as domestic battery was the charge they got him on for provoking the police, rather than he was in fact perpetrating physical abuse towards his wife. The fact that Dog the Bounty Hunter bailed him out, was also reported as more significant than his behavior towards his wife. But Nicolas Cage is not the first to be in the recent news for abuse towards his partner. Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen have also had similarly “bad press” in the past year. Why does the media continue to excuse intimate partner violence in celebrities? What sort of messages do we send by not calling celebrities out on such behaviors and holding them accountable?

As a side note, while Cage is facing financial difficulties, it’s safe to assume that he and his wife were capable of bailing him out of jail. So why did Dog bail him out rather than his wife? All the training and exposure to the intricacies of domestic violence lead us to wonder if Kim even has access to the finances… But then again, perhaps this isn’t the case. What are your thoughts?


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