We need more of “The Outrage”

The Outrage is an educational theatre performance piece that addresses the topics of teen dating violence and sexual assault. Eight high school performers present current statistical information and depict realistic dating violence situations. After the performance, the actors answer questions from the audience.

This is wonderful! Teens talking to other teens about some rather challenging topics. One of the most challenging aspects of addressing dating violence is providing accessible information to youth. We know that youth aren’t necessarily coming to supportive adults with questions and concerns about healthy/unhealthy relationships. They go to each other. Performances, such as this one, are wonderful ways of starting conversations and dispelling myths around dating violence.


Assessment tool helps in fight against domestic violence

A year ago, our community implemented a new protocol and began utilizing a new tool in efforts to decrease the number of domestic violence related homicides. Through a partnership with local law enforcement and Peaceful Paths, the community mobilized around getting high risk victims into services. The tool is a set of 11 questions known as the Lethality Assessment Program, or LAP. Under this protocol, when an Alachua County deputy is dispatched to a domestic violence call, the deputy is required to determine if an intimate relationship exists between the victim and his or her alleged abuser. If such a relationship exists, the deputy asks the victim the LAP questions, immediately entering the responses into the deputy’s computer. If the victim scores high, they are told of the risks and seriousness of their situation and the deputy offers to connect them to the Peaceful Paths hotline on the spot.

The following are statistics from the Lethality Assessment Program’s first year, which ran from Sept. 1, 2009, to Aug. 31, 2010:
LAP screenings: 244 predicted, 414 actual
High risk scores: 134 predicted, 246 actual
Of 246 at high risk, 140 spoke to a domestic abuse hotline counselor.
Of 140 who spoke to a counselor, 46 went in for services at Peaceful Paths.
Source: ASO
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