Call for Prevention to New Administration

Check out Prevention Institute and Policy Link’s proposal: Healthy People, Healthy Places: Directions for Improving Community, Individual, and Economic Health.

Some highlights:
Address the need for comprehensive and community- and population-based violence prevention. Increase the authority and capacity of governmental agencies and departments to address violence prevention, including the CDC, and encourage partnerships between agencies including health, education, and justice. Examples include:

–Institute youth corps programs in highly impacted communities to employ local youth in rebuilding local infrastructure.
Support cities in developing, implementing, and evaluating effective and sustainable approaches to preventing community and gang violence, such as UNITY’s Road Map (Urban Networks to Increase Thriving Youth through Violence Prevention) and CeaseFire Chicago.
Request that the Surgeon General issue an updated report addressing the need for comprehensive, population-based violence prevention.


Sign a petition for domestic violence education!

Break the Cycle and Mary Kay have teamed up on a campaign to encourage state legislators to pass domestic violence education.  TX and RI have already done so, and other states will have proposed legislation soon.  Please sign the petition and share it with others!   

Also check out MADE, a fabulous organization debuting today in New York.  MADE stands for Moms and Dads for Education to Stop Dating Abuse.  Prevention is really taking off!

Cool Prevention Stuff

toolkitI want to share a great resource with you today, the Toolkit to End Violence Against Women.  This interesting site has ideas for many different organizations and populations.  Give it a look for a variety of community ideas!