Effects of media on youth violence

An article released yesterday says less exposure to media makes youth less agressive.  Check it out!


Kids Creating Change

So today’s post is from some 7th graders who came up with this really fun way to debate politics and the election:

Selling Gender Stereotypes

 So as we’ve mentioned, media literacy is a big part of what we talk about with young people.  Someone saw these science kits for sale and pointed out the differences.  What other products have you seen that are marketed differently for different genders?

Game to take on domestic violence

This article has information about a video game being developed to teach about domestic violence.  This could be a good primary prevention idea; what do you think?

More Love Your Body Goodness!

I’m currently working on a presentation I’m giving next week that’s focused on media literacy–specifically how advertising affects our understanding of the world and relationships.  While doing some more research about this, I came across some great gems for Love Your Body day!  Check out this, this, this, this, this, thisthis and this to be reminded why your body is already fabulous–primarily because it actually exists! Also watch the video below for another reminder:

Love Your Body Day

So tomorrow, October 15, is Love Your Body Day!  When I was looking for more info about this, I also came across a related event this week, Fat Talk Free Week.  The video below is part of their very important campaign.  Healthy body image is a huge part of the work we do in violence prevention.  Unrealistic body image expectations very much contribute to a culture that condones violence against women.  Check out the video, and sign their pledge






The Family Violence Prevention Fund has a wonderful new website and campaign called kNOw MORE.  kNOw MORE raises awareness about the dangerous connections between dating/sexual violence and reproductive health.  Read real women’s stories on the sites and find out how you can get involved.  This article on the website highlghts the dangerous consequences for women, especially teen girls:

            The Harvard School of Public Health’s exhaustive research on the lives of girls demonstrates
            that girls who are victims of violence from dating partners are four to six times more likely
            than non-abused girls to become pregnant, and eight to nine times more likely to attempt suicide.

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