Cool Prevention Stuff

My first “Cool Prevention Stuff” post highlighted Prevention Connection.  Now they have even more cool stuff to announce–a blog!  New resources and announcements of *free* web conferences will be made via the blog.  Looks like prevention is making itself known in the blogosphere!


Teens Creating Change

This week’s (okay, actually last week’s posted a bit late) edition features the Rogers Park Young Women’s Action TeamThis really cool group organizes against street harassment in Chicago.  And yes, they are partners with a group we highlighted earlier, Women & Girls CAN.  YWAT is featured in the Women & Girls CAN report.

YWAT has many great resources for working with young people.  Our program has used many of their activity ideas and continues to be inspired by them!

Cool Prevention Stuff

This week I want to highlight a prevention resource.  One of the things we talk about quite a bit in violence prevention is language–how we use it, how others use it, how the media uses it, and how it affects us. 

Take a quick minute and think about some phrases that are commonly used that have violent language.  I’ll get you started with an example–“shoot the breeze.”  What did you come up with?

This list has more.  Can you think of others?

Teens Creating Change

Check out Erica Hernandez and her grassroots leadership in environmental justice.  Erica is one of six young people to win a Brower Award for youth leadership!

Cool Prevention Stuff

                                           Violence prevention is making its way onto the election stage!  Family Violence Prevention Fund (which has the amazing program Coaching Boys into Men) has an interesting press release up about it.  Give it a look!

Teens Creating Change

Check out this new article from Teaching Tolerance7 Great Moments in Youth Activism in 2007!  It’s inspiring to see all the awesome stuff young people are up to.  While you’re there, look through the rest of the site–they have many fabulous resources that you can search by topic and/or grade level. 

You can also read interesting essays by Presidential nominees Barack Obama and John McCain about getting young people involved in civic participation. 

European Union Calls for Less Sexism in Advertising

Yes, it’s possible!  Last week the European Union Parliament adopted a report that calls for less sexism in advertising.  A Swedish official had this to say about it:

“When women and men are portrayed in a stereotypical way the consequence may be that it becomes difficult in other contexts to see women and men’s resources and abilities in areas other than those of the traditional gender roles.”

Right on!  Now let’s hope the U.S. follows this example.  For a great group doing media awareness information in the US, check out About-Face and their gallery of offenders and winners.

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