Teens & The Election

Teens sharing their opinion in Gainesville!


Teens Creating Change

Teens are amazing.  There, I said it.  They are, and this is something I’m constantly reminded of, so it’s my reason for this newest regular post.  I hope that this feature can highlight some of the awesome stuff teens are doing around the country and in our community!  The first group I want to highlight is FIERCE.  Yes, they are fierce (insert Project Runway joke here)–Fabulous Independent Educated Radicals for Community Empowerment.  They work with young people to develop their community organizing skills in many cool capacities.  Check them out!

Cool Prevention Stuff

This is going to be a weekly feature about cool prevention stuff that I find and want to share.  The first thing I’d like to highlight is Prevention Connection.  PreventConnect is a project of the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA).  It has tons of cool stuff (which is what qualifies it for this feature): articles on prevention, frequent webinars that anyone can sign up for, a very interesting listserv (and you know you don’t hear that very often), and even a wiki!  Go check it out.

Gender & The Olympics

Interesting crop choice

Interesting crop choice

I couldn’t resist posting this as our first “real” post of the blog.  The Olympics have provided us with a perfect example of gender norms and how they get played out.  As many have reported, the differences between the required uniforms of men and women are shocking. 

Some people might be thinking, what harm is this really?  It helps them play better because they’re not weighed down by all those clothes!  However, that doesn’t explain why the men’s clothes are different or why photos are cropped like the one to the left. 

Unfortunately, this gender discrimination doesn’t end with clothes (as it rarely does).

We’re Blogging!

Hi everyone,

Welcome to our new blog!  We wanted to start a blog because everyone else we know has one, too.  Okay, not quite, but we did want to have a place where people in our community can find information, links, and updates about what we’re up to and prevention in general. 

Feel free to email us if you have a topic to suggest–or leave it in comments!